Saturday, April 13, 2013


Dear lovely readers, not that long ago I introduced you to Laura's Blog SO - LAST -YEAR . COM . She also wrote a post about me ( HERE ) and here are my answers to her questions:
S.L.Y: What motivated you to begin your Fashion Blog?
I’ve always liked Fashion and liked to dress up for any occasion and even just going to school. When I started reading Fashion Blogs such as The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni; Peace Love Shea by Shea Marie and Saucy Glossie by Lindsey Calla I fell in love with Fashion even a little bit more. These Fashion Blogs inspired me to start writing my own. I loved the idea of sharing my Fashion tips and outfits with other girls who love fashion as much as I do.
S.L.Y: What warm weather trend are you most looking forward to wearing?
Since I live in New Jersey and the summer lasts for at least 3 months straight and it’s super hot, I love wearing light summer dresses as well as long flattery skirts. I also love the high waisted shorts that keep coming back in style, but most of all I love to wear colorful clothes throughout the spring and summer.
S.L.Y: Dream item in your closet?
JPF: The dream item that I would love to have in my closet would be a Hermes Birkin Bag as well as a classic Chanel Bag. Who doesn’t love these bags? Unfortunately I cannot afford these kind of bags right now, as many of us, but one day I will be able to afford one. 
S.L.Y: What is your goal for your blog within the next 2 years?
My goal for my blog for the next 2 years is to reach more people and make people aware of my blog. I love sharing my ideas, tips about fashion and outfits with the other girls. I would love to attend more events about fashion and go to fashion shows.
S.L.Y: Favorite designer and why?
JPF: My blog is about affordable fashion. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your clothes, jewelry, shoes and bags. It matters what they look like and how you style them. You can look like a million bucks, without spending too much money. I would say that Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers right now, because I have a watch and a purse that I use every day. I love his purse collection every season and his jewelry is gorgeous.

Check out my post about her blog HERE .
xoxo Joëlle

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