Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Let me introduce you: Laura from So-Last-Year.Com

Dear lovely readers, when I went to NY Fashion Week I met the lovely Laura from So-Last-Year.Com . We decided to share each others blogs and you can check out her post about my blog HERE . 
J.P.F: What motivated you to start writing your fashion blog?
S.L.Y: While I was away at college I realized that I would constantly be changing my Facebook profile picture because I wanted to illustrate my outfits to as many people as I could. The same year while on vacation, I was told by somebody "you look you just walked out of one of those fashion blogs" so after with much thought I created a personal style site called "Peace is Fashionable" which eventually turned into SO-LAST-YEAR.COM

J.P.F: What is your everyday item? And why?
S.L.Y: A hat for sure. There is just something so ironic about a hat. It is fashionably the most noticeable item but it is often worn to avoid being noticed. For me a hat is fashion protection, it keeps the devil away.

J.P.F: What is the career you wish to pursue (job)?
S.L.Y: My dream job is to provide dream jobs. I want to pursue everything in fashion humanely possible.

J.P.F: Who or what is your inspiration? And why?
S.L.Y: My inspiration is 10% of what I think about and what I see ,and 90% percent instinct. The best inspiration is when it is channeled through something organic or transcendent. That is when it is most real.

J.P.F: Where do you see your blog in 2 years from now?
S.L.Y: I don't even know what I'll be wearing next month haha-so that's a hard question to answer. It will depend on wherever I decide to turn.
xoxo Joëlle

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