Thursday, April 4, 2013

Instagram Love

Last weekend I got my first tattoo and I love it. I'm not gonna lie, it did hurt a little bit
but it was totally worth it.
"Happiness is the key to a successful life."
That's my Motto :)

My friend and I are so obsessed with these good salads from Houlihan's.
Doesn't it just look delicious?!
Meet my girl Eva :) We went shopping the other day and we decided to try on
Prom dresses. We had so much fun :) 



"A day without a smile on your face is a wasted day."

You want attention from a guy? Wear red lipstick. That should do the trick :D

In love with this H&M necklace!

xoxo Joëlle

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  1. I love the tatoo!!! Such a beautiful idea!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK


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