Saturday, March 9, 2013

Live every moment of your life to the fullest

Dear lovely readers, every one of us went through a break up at least once (if not and you’re still with your high school sweetheart or your first love, you can be very happy lol). In the beginning it is not always easy, because the person you used to hang out with all the time is now gone. The best way to get over a break up is first of all to have a good cry and eat some Ben&Jerry Ice cream or chocolate (or whatever you like the best). Then you should go out with your friends, focus on your school work and career. The time you used to spend with your Ex is now your own time and you can just focus on finding yourself. The best way to find yourself is to spend as much time with yourself as you can and not with your (ex-) boyfriend.

Many of you have probably seen the movie ‘Sex and the City’ and I think it’s so true when Samantha says “I love you, but I love myself more. That’s the relationship I really have to work on.”

The most important thing is when you’re trying to get over someone, just keep yourself busy and you’ll (totally) forget about it (at least for that moment). When you’re single and you live so close to a big city, there is always something to do. Go work out at the gym, go dancing with your girlfriends and most of all be happy! Life is too short to be sad! And honestly, other mothers have cute sons too ;)

I am not saying that with all these things that keep you busy, you will never think about your ex again. Of course there will be times that you wish you were still with that person, but when you think about the reasons why you broke up, everything makes sense again. Of course it would be nice to have someone by your side, to cuddle and to watch movies with, but you know you can also do that with your girlfriends ;) Don’t sell yourself short, experience new things and just enjoy your life - Be adventurous!

xoxo Joëlle


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