Monday, February 11, 2013

What to wear when a snow storm hits New York Fashion Week...


I got to meet the lovely Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea at NYFW.

I also got to meet the lovely Lindsey from Saucy Glossie .


And I also got to meet the lovely Aimee Song from Song of Style .
"Normal gets you nowhere." - Kelly Cutrone





I was wearing:
Ankle Boots: H&M
Faux Leather Pants: H&M
Peplum: Express
Blazer: Forever 21
Purse: Michael Kors
Coat: Vintage (Adolph Schuman for Lilli Ann)
Dear lovely readers, this weekend was just fabulous! As I had already told you, I went to New York Fashion Week the past weekend and it was just amazing. I was afraid that I would not be able to get into the city from New Jersey, because of the snow storm Nemo. But I did manage to get into the city before it got too bad. Otherwise I would have taken my suitcase and walked through the snow just to get to Fashion Week! Thank god I didn't have to do that - it would have been a very long, exhausting and cold journey!
So what do you wear to the fabulous and most important Fashion Event, when it's super freezing out?! Well you can 'see' the answer to this question in the pictures above: a (faux) fur coat! I saw so many nice (faux) fur coats and absolutely fell in love with the outfits. A fur coat (if real or faux - I prefer faux!) is just so chic, fashionable and the most important thing: it keeps you nice and cozy warm - and it's the best answer to the snow storm Nemo!
OMG! And I finally got to meet some of the Fashion Bloggers that inspired me to start writing my own Fashion Blog. I could not believe my eyes! I was hoping to see Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea , Lindsey Calla from Saucy Glossie , Aimee Song from Song Of Style and Chiara Ferragni The Blonde Salad . And I met three of them except Chiara. I still cannot believe I got to meet my inspirations - it's so rare that something like that happens to you. I feel very blessed!
More pictures are coming up soon - so stay tuned! Since then I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and give me some feedback :)
xoxo Joëlle


  1. amazing! I watch live stream form nyfw.
    I would like to follow each other. following you now via GFC, now it's your turn.
    Any other social platform? just tell.


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