Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The meaning / definition of your name

My lovely readers,
I don't know how I came up with that idea but I just googled my name and then I found this page ' Urban Dictionary .' My name is being defined as:

"Formally it is of French origin, and its meaning is "Jehovah is God".

A more up-to-date definition would be that of a kind-hearted and good friend. Her heart is bigger than most. She loves life and is a devoted companion and friend. There is nothing she wouldn't do for those she loves. She has a great sense of humor and her eyes sparkle when she laughs. To have a Joelle in your life is to be blessed!

I wish everyone was like Joelle. An extremely hot chick."
If you want to have a good laugh or something that makes you smile, put in your name on ' Urban Dictionary ' and read the definition :)
I hope all of you have a great day!
xoxo Joëlle


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