Monday, October 1, 2012

12 Wardrobe Essentials

Sometimes I look into my full stuffed closet and I don't know what to wear. I would say that everyone has one of those days. But do you also sometimes buy items that don't match the rest of your wardrobe? Well if you have that problem, then your closet is missing some essential key pieces. Those key pieces allow you to mix and match with your other awesome pieces of your wardrobe and create basics for amazing outfits.
1. Investment Bag: Invest your money into a quality piece. You will carry this purse around for a couple of years, you can use it as a briefcase during the week and for shopping excursions on the weekends.

2. Beige/Nude Pumps: Every woman should own a pair of nude heels, they match every outfit. Find a pair that is similar to your skin color, because you don't want to get too much attention on those heels. If your outfit is already colorful enough, wear nude heels with it.

3. Black Pumps: Every woman should also own a pair of black heels. They are the perfect choice for every occasion.

4. White Blouse: You can wear a white blouse in so many different ways. Wear it very casual with a pair of jeans, or chic with a pencil skirt or like Alexa Chung does it. 

5. Little Black Dress: The LBD is such a classic. It has been in style for so many years and will always be. Every season designers come up with new versions and styles of the LBD. I love every single one of these dresses but my favorite one is from Amanda Bynes (right).

6. Pearl Necklace: A pearl necklace is also such a classic. If you want to spice up a more casual outfit, go for a Pearl necklace, it gives your outfit a statement.

7. Leather Jacket: No matter if your leather jacket is black, grey or brown,with studs or without, they always look nice and they have been in style for many seasons. It makes your cute outfit look more edgy. 


8. Cardigan: I love Cardigans and Blazers. You can wear them in so many different ways. I love to wear them with summer dresses or a pair of jeans. It is always good to have a warm and cozy cardigan, especially for Fall or Winter. Just take one of your summer dresses, pair it with a beige cardigan (depending on what color your dress is) and wrap a belt around your waist. And voila!
9. Find the PERFECT Jeans: You should have the perfect pair of jeans in your closet. I know how annoying it is trying to find the perfect pair, but once you found one, buy a second pair of the same one so you have a spare one. If you wear that pair very often and have to wash it often it's gonna wear out quickly, so just buy a second pair and you're good for at least one or more years. 
10. Black Blazer: A black blazer is a major essential piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Black matches almost everything, so you can wear it with almost every single outfit. A black blazer makes your outfit look very chic and sophisticated.
11. White/Creme Blazer: I also think it is very important to own a white or beige blazer (not too white, that always reminds me of a lab coat). I like to wear a beige blazer with colorful summer dresses, it looks so fresh, chic and sophisticated. I rather wear a beige blazer with a coral summer dress than to wear it with a black blazer, but I think it depends on your style and what you like.
12. Beige Trench Coat: A beige trench coat is a Fashion must-have. It has been around for many many years and it never really went out of style. The trench coat is your true friend for harsh weather conditions and you can wear it in so many different ways. You can pair it with either jeans, a dress or a skirt. Also you can either wear it during the day or at night, just depends on how you style it.

xoxo Joëlle


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