Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vieques Day #1

Our very nice pilot Jim is just about to land :)

OMG! While we were on our way to Vieques in this little tiny airplane, we saw these two 'little' tornadoes, which scared the crap out of me! Fortunately we were very far away from them and we were almost in Vieques!

After a long trip to Vieques (we got up at 4.30 am and arrived at 3 pm), we could finally relax and enjoy our first cocktails. I had this awesome Pina Colada! Yummy, life is good!

Sandals: ALDO
Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch
Top: H&M

xoxo Joëlle


  1. Gorgeous pictures Dear looks like a lot of fun

  2. Nice vacay pics!! I really hate to fly so I probably would have passed out after the seeing tornadoes;) Came across your blog dear and love the content!

  3. Have fun! Be sure to try the pizza at Lazy Jacks. And hit the south coast beaches...Blue Beach, Garcia Beach, etc.


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