Thursday, July 19, 2012

New In

I got this blazer a couple of weeks ago. Zara had just started their sale and I found this blazer online at I absolutely fell in love with this blazer and I just had to get it. It would look perfect with a white blouse/shirt and dark blue skinny jeans and some heels. I can't wait to wear it, but right now it's a little bit too hot to wear it during the day.

I bought this cover up at Forever 21 also a couple of weeks ago. I bought it for my trip to Puerto Rico in August. Can't wait to wear it :) I just had to get it, because I needed another cover up for the beach anyway and it just looks so lovely.

You've probably recognized this blouse from one of my other posts. I bought this blouse at Forever 21, and I also bought it in a greenish color as well. Polka dots sort of never go out of style. I also love the zipper in the back of the blouse.

I also have this skirt in white, I got it at H&M the other day. I bought the white skirt first, because you can combine whites better with other colors. But then I decided that I want this skirt in pink/coral as well, because I don't have a skirt in that color yet.

These awesome, colorful clutches are both from I love to shop online and one of my favorite online stores is ASOS. They offer super good deals, and free shipping! Their clothes, accessories, shoes and purses are to die for! When I found these two clutches and they were both on sale, I decided to just get them both, because I couldn't choose which one of them I should get. I mean I got them both for less than $30! So why not?!

I also got this skirt from ASOS and I have this skirt also in yellow, as you've seen in one of my other posts. I know it looks like I get every piece more than once, just in different colors. But if it's a good price and they look nice, I'm just asking myself why not?!

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