Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Casual Sweater with Heels

Shoes: Steve Madden
Pants: Zara
Sweater: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
Watch: Guess
Bracelets: Pandora, gift, Vintage

I told you guys that I had to study a lot recently right?! Well I was studying for my GED test, which I had to take in order to be able to become an official full time student at my college. The college gave me a very short notice that I had to take the test, because there was some sort of miscommunication. I am from Germany so I only have the German certificate of my school and when we got it translated they realized that they couldn't accept that. But now after one and a half week of very intensive studying, I am very glad to tell you that I passed the test! I got the results yesterday, and I was jumping around in my room (I was alone) and I cried because I was so happy! First I called my mom&dad, then I drove to my hostmoms and boyfriends work and told them, and sent the kids and friends a txt message. I was just so happy and speechless. I will be going to college as a full time student this up coming Fall. I am very excited and cannot wait to start!
Well my boyfriend got me this new graduation charm for passing the GED test, and now it will always remind me of getting my High School Diploma :)

About my outfit, I just really like to mix different styles. It was a little chilly today and I felt wearing something really comfortable, so I wanted to wear this sweater. I love that it looks a little bit big. I didn't wanna seem too casual that's the reason why I decided to wear the sweater with my blue snake Steve Madden Pumps :)

Well I hope you guys have fun and join my give-away! I really just bought it for you guys, my loyal readers. There is nothing wrong with the bracelet! So good luck to you :)

xoxo Joëlle 

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